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And damn if it wasn't exhibitionism!

I actually posted some pretty damned hot pictures of myself there, too. (Naughty, naked ones. LOL.)

I don't recall if I ended up posting the naked pics of wife Kris kris_royal, or not... (I admit I wasn't all that active there, but hell...)

I just hate to see journals deleted!

And that one was some fun...


Well, on that note, best go be naughty myself with the wife!


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Yep. This is me. Yep.

Hell, the questions were pretty tame, truth to tell... LMAO.

Blinking Smiley
You are the horniest of the horny. You want ass,
and you want it now. Lookout world, because
you are on a mission.
How Horny are YOU?
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Just answerin' those questions made me horny...

Well, guess what I'm goin' to go do? (Wonder where the wife is just now...?) ~Big Smile~

Hope all of you are enjoying your sexy summer...


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Happy Fourth of July, fellow Americans!

And happy orgasms to all my LJ friends--American or not!

rock your world
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Rock Your World!
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You folks should try this one out. Kind of cute!


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Current Music: "God Bless America"

Well, got out yesterday for the big AI event!

Got both Ruben and Clay's single CDs. And I have to tell you that both those men are amazing singers. Amazing. (And as I sing myself and know quite a bit 'bout the mechanics of music, I admit right up front that I'm mighty picky. Mighty picky.)

As I type this I've got Ruben's single playing. That "Flying Without Wings" is simply beautiful. There are no other words to describe it.

And listen to the lyrics. If that isn't one of the most moving and beautiful love songs ever than I'm crazy. (Or more crazy, perhaps.)

So I've got Ruben's song on 'repeat' just now. And I'll listen to it a tad longer and just savor how that man can use his instrument (because a good vocalist is working with a fine musical instrument--his/her voice).

The range, the phrasing. Damn.

Also got Justin Guarini's CD album and am enjoying it, too. And can't wait for the release of his and Kelly's movie next week!

Clay and Ruben are such fine singers. What voices. I'm marveling at what AI has brought to the world...

(Love songs are surely a special part of life, now aren't they? I mean, they enhance our love for one another and help us to express it to each other. And, hell, they can be mighty sexy, too. ~Big Smile~)


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Current Music: "Flying Without Wings"--Ruben Studdard

...article from one of the wife's magazines. ROFL. It amused both Kris and me...

A day in the life of his penis--Jake's monthly columnCollapse )

Okay, you might wonder why I didn't make this a 'friends-only' entry. Well, I figure if this can appear in "Glamour" magazine, it should be fine here without being filtered. ROFL.

I don't know as my own penis is exactly like this, but there are certain similarities... LMAO. (Right, fellas?)


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Current Music: "Still, Still, Still" (on TV--hell, it's the holidays!)

...an icon of the season.

Holiday Greetings to all! LOL.


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Current Music: "When My Heart Finds Christmas"

Well, when I found out that my default icon was 'taboo' by LJ standards (rules), I decided to ditch it...

Hopefully this new one will pass. LOL. It's what I call my 'tame default.' ROFL. I've used a couple Renaissance Masters paintings and a few 'racy' (but not too naughty) poses. I think it'll pass muster now.

Any comments? This going to keep folks a little happier--and less worried? Sure hope so! LOL.

By the by, you'll note that I didn't entirely dump the 'old' default--which I'm pretty found of, personally. So I'm still planning to use it from time to time on my 'friends only' entries.

Yep--I'm still stuck here back home (down South in Atlanta). Things are tense, at best--but no need to bore you folks with those details. (They sure as hell have nothin' to do with sex! LOL.)

I'll post when I can get to a computer (which will hopefully be soon--and hopefully be from back in Cali!)...

Happy Holidays, friends.


Current Music: "Jingle Bells" (get it?)

Okay. Are my icons for this LJ actually shocking to some folks?

I guess I just went with the topic (sex) and got a tad 'creative.' LOL. But I've never thought much 'bout whether they were shocking folks or not...

Just curious.

Anyone who knows me at all knows I'm quite the icon whore. Constantly making new ones--usually for others. And trying out new things all the time. I suspect I had more fun than usual doin' these sex LJ icons, too. ROFL.


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...but just a small question...

I just removed two 'friends' from my list who were crossed out--meaning that they deleted their LJs. I don't get it--why totally delete an LJ?

I mean, if you've even bothered to add a single entry, don't you want to keep it? Mightn't you want to consider updating in the future?

You always have that option to go back and make any (and all) of your entries 'private' (for your eyes only) if you want to, after all.

I just don't quite understand this deleting business. (But, then, I'm a man who loves those journals and diaries left behind by historical figures. God forbid they'd have had such an easy way to delete those fascinating tomes...)

Hell, in my 'real' LJ, I started it, added one post and then didn't use it again for well over a year...

Okay, just wonderin'. LOL.


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...just had a nice fella who is in a same-sex (well, same-gender) marriage add this LJ to his friends.

Made me think of my online friend Milo milo_hunt who is the son of a two-dad family... (Milo and his younger sister Missy, that is.)

I'm not sure why, but hearing this always makes me smile. There's hope for this world after all, I suspect...


Current Mood: pleasedpleased
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